About CirrusHealth

CirrusHealth is the next generation patient-centered transition-of-care platform. Our cloud-based software suite provides patients with highly-personalized content to support their care from admission through post-discharge, resulting in reduced readmissions, increased patient satisfaction and true continuity
of care.






The Discharge Problem

Providers and patient alike recognize discharge as a major pain point in the delivery and transition of care. Upon discharge, the current standard of care in hospitals across the country is to hand patients confusing, generic paper-based discharge instructions. Three weeks later, on average, the patient's primary care physician receives discharge summaries, leaving patients confused and unable to care for themselves in the interim.


  • 76% of patients leave the hospital confused about their instruction from their doctor;
  • 50% of patients have trouble following the instruction that were provided to them;
  • On average, it takes 24 days for hospitals to transfer discharge summaries to primary care provider.

Systemic Patient Dischange Issues

  • Poor patient satisfaction
  • Patient confusion and poor post-discharge compliance
  • Depressed outcome metrics
  • Lost revenue / leakage

The CirrusHealth Solution

Increased Patient satisfaction

A media-agnostic patient-centric discharge tool facilitating smoother transitions of care, leading to improved HCAHPS scores and quality metrics.

Patient Education and Compliance

Cloud-based, personalized discharge instructions that allow patients to better understand their recovery. Our tools support patients post-discharge through medicine reconciliation, scheduling, reminders and notifications.

Outcome Metrics

Timely hand offs of patient EMR and follow-up reminders and alerts featuring in-network referrals and support of bundled payments leading to revenue capture.

CirrusHealth Press



March 7, 2014

North Shore-LIJ Health System’s CirrusHealth Named a Semi-Finalist in Patient Education App Challenge

New York, NY CirrusHealth the next generation, patient-centered transition -of-care-platform developed by the neurosurgical team at the North Shore-LIJ Lenox Hill Hospital (LHH) has been named one of five semi-finalists in the Box and Dignity Health Patient Education App Challenge, the health system announced today.


March 24, 2014

Box & Dignity Health Name Five Semi-Finalists in Patient Education App Challenge

Back at the Seventh Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference in September, Box launched a Patient Education App Challenge with Dignity Health and The Social+Capital Partnership. It was an appropriate launch pad to say the least, being like-minded as we are when it comes to our opinions regarding the cloud. Yet, as we know, health care is still relatively new to the cloud, and the entry of major cloud (and now HIPAA compliant) vendors like Box is a big deal.


February 25, 2014

Here are the finalists for Box and Dignity Health s medical app challenge

Cloud storage company Box is taking seriously its commitment to market its technology to health care professionals.The Silicon Valley-based company recently brought on its health care advisor, Missy Krasner, full time. Krasner, a former health-focused executive in residence at Morgenthaler Ventures (recently renamed the Canvas Venture Fund) and a member of the Google Health team, has taken the lead on Box's health care vertical offering.


The Team

The Story

Frustrated with the status of patient communication resulting in confusion and dissatisfaction, Dr. David Langer and his colleague Ken Court began to experiment with video as a form of medical record to help memorialize a patient is unique medical issues. This video platform led to the development of a hospital discharge application that uses screen capture and video to create unique patient specific discharge digitized instructions. Teaming up with North Shore LIJ Health System resulted in the creation of Cirrus Health. Cirrus seeks to overhaul the current discharge process as well as other transitions of care by building upon the lessons learned by Dr. Langer and his team.

David Langer, MD.

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Langer serves as the Director of Neurosurgery at North Shore – LIJ’s Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. He has pioneered forward facing IT integration into clinical medicine and was an early adopter and first clinical user in USA of laser cerebral bypass technology. David is a passionate cofounder of CirrusHealth and is the key contributor in formulating the strategic goals for CirrusHealth’s platform.

Kenneth Court

Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer

Ken is the Director of Neurosurgery IT at North Shore – LIJ’s Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. Previously, he worked for Apple Computer as co-architect of Retail Service and Small / Medium Business logistics and strategy. Ken has over 15 years experience advising business regarding User Experience, IT Infrastructure and overall IT Development and as Co-Founder, manages the oversight of IT infrastructure and back-end of the platform.

Thomas Thornton


Prior to joining CirrusHealth, Tom led the Healthcare Innovation Alliance at Cleveland Clinic Innovations, a program aimed at forming multi-institutional collaborations to foster and accelerate the commercialization of medical innovations.